Following the path of her parents and sister, Cristoli embarked on a career in Education. Though always harboring aspirations for entrepreneurship, she maintained her position as college instructor teaching English and Business Communications.

After suffering a series of emotional and financial setbacks, she developed severe adult acne due to stress. Countless visits to beauty counters, dermatologists and estheticians proved fruitless, though it ignited her interest in skin care.

Emboldened by her quest she returned to the campus grounds – this time as a student – to undertake studies in Chemistry, Microbiology and Anatomy. Armed with her new textbook knowledge she partnered with experienced chemists to formulate skin care products, with emphasis on acne treatments. Ten years later she has successfully crafted over 30 skin care preparations for multiple brands. Some of her skin care products are currently best sellers on Amazon USA and UK.

 As a seasoned entrepreneur, coupled with a penchant for creativity, Cristoli launched her eponymous brand that includes beauty products for hair, skin and nails. When asked what her greatest challenge was cultivating the brand, she responds without hesitation, “Posing for pictures and recording videos. I am terrible at it! Before the end of 2019, I had never owned a social media account. Due to my teaching career, I thought it wise to eschew Facebook, Instagram and all things media. However, I wanted the Cristoli brand to feel connected to our customers and show a first-person reflection of our products. I had to face my fears and blast my image online!

The Cristoli brand showcases an array of hair accessories, perfectly suited for women with afro-type hair. Following her success inventing the Bunette TM hair bun, there are immediate plans to expand with novel beauty products that she has crafted.

 Always harboring a desire for knowledge and personal development, Cristoli earned her certification as a Fitness & Nutrition Specialist from the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA).

She has utilized her teaching skills as a volunteer for the United Way, where she taught reading to residents and their children at the Salvation Army Shelter.

Cristoli is married to British investment banker, Andrew. The couple recently welcomed their first child.