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To buy the Dugla Waves Gel and  Curl Booster as a Set Click here

You will need both jars to make the system work.

No more "work-out" when combing through your hair!

All-natural formula makes hair soft and wavy in minutes! 

Works on natural and relaxed hair. Ideal for kids, men and women.


After shampoo and conditioning hair:

Step 1  Apply the Leave-On Curl Booster and Detangler Cream

Step 2  Apply the Dugla Waves and Curl Gel.

The entire process takes about 15 minutes for the first application then 1 minute every day to freshen up your waves.

The Curl Booster cream will appear white at first, but it will absorb and the whiteness will disappear. 

If you desire additional length, you can clip in curly hair extensions without having to braid down your hair. The Dugla gel makes hair wavy so it will blend with the curly extensions. (That's what I did for the picture on this jar).


Makes hair soft and wavy without harsh chemicals

No more “work out” to comb through your hair

Detangles, moisturizes and prevents breakage

Chemical-free so there’s no bad smell and no gloves are needed to apply

No stiffness or flakiness

Easy to slick back hair to make it smooth and flat

Both products can be applied to wet or dry hair

Will NOT permanently change the texture of your hair. You can wash it out with shampoo

INGREDIENTS: contains only safe ingredients such as Coconut oil, Argan Oil, Olive Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Vitamin B5 and Vitamin E.

No silicones, mineral oil or chemicals that can change the texture of your natural hair.


If your hair texture is very coarse, thick or long you will need more than one jar for the first application

*Not everyone will get the same results. Some people have resistant hair texture so the waves will not be as prominent*


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Aug 12th 2021

I send everyone to your site

I love the cream and this gel because it makes my hair looks and feels just right. I've been telling everyone about your company and products. I get asked a lot what I've started using in my hair to make it look so curly. Am not the type to keep a good thing to myself just because I don't want anyone else to have it. Everyone who ask me I send them to your store

Aug 12th 2021

Worth the hype

I think this is definitely worth the hype. I like that the booster cream is actually a cream of natural oils and its not chemical. The dugla gel makes my hair wavy although it gets sticky after a few days.

Aug 9th 2021

These products didn’t work for me

I really wanted to love this product and after seeing the videos I was praying praying hard that it would work for me but it didn’t. The detangler made my hair very soft and easy to comb but the gel did not give me any waves. I thought I was doing something wrong so I started over and straightened my hair with a pressing comb to see if a lighter texture would make the products work better but I still didn't get any waves. I really wanted to be able to slick back my hair and make it lay flat but I these products did not work for me.

Aug 3rd 2021

Love it but it requires too much product

The idea behind this product is so good and I have seen great results but I had to use 2 jars of the dugla waves gel and half a jar of the booster to get a full head of waves. I have 4B hair that reaches just past my shoulders. One jar will not be enough unless you have really short hair

Jul 30th 2021

Requires patience to get the waves

If I wrote this review on day 1 it would be a 0 star review! I didn’t get the waves the video showed and the cream was made my hair white and messy. I am so glad I didn’t get mad and wash it out! A few hours later I had waves everywhere and the white mess from the cream curl booster absorbed and there was no whiteness at all! My hair never felt so soft and looked so wavy. It really changed how the texture of my 4c hair used to look. Even the next day after sleeping on it my hair was not matted and the waves were still there! I will definitely be buying this again

Jul 29th 2021

Pros & Cons of these products

Here is my honest opinion about this product. PROS: It makes my thick 4C natural hair very soft and gives it some waviness. It does not smell or burn. No flakiness. No hardness. Easy and fast to apply even my 8 yr old daughter can apply the booster cream and waves gel. Our hair stays shiny and hydrated and easier to comb thru. It doesn’t appear to have any dangerous chemicals on the ingredient list. Because it makes hair soft and slippery there is less breakage and dead hair in your comb after combing each day. CONS: If you have thick long hair you will go through the jars very fast because the first application you will need almost the whole jar then for freshening up your waves every day you can use up to half a jar or more per week. Another con is the gel doesn’t ever dry so if you have long hair or wear your hair down it will mess up your clothes. When you sleep it transfers to the pillow case. I wrote to Cristoli about this and the advice was to use less product but less product means less chance of it working so that doesn’t solve it. If you wash your hair or if your hair gets wet in the rain the products wash out and all your waves are gone. You will have to start a fresh application again.

Jul 26th 2021

So Glad they invented this

I am so glad they invented these product and they should put a subscribe every week button because there is no way I'll be running out of this again! I don’t fall for anything that seems too good to be true but I watched the video of these products over and over then I finally decided to give it a try. They made the back and the front of my hair very wavy but the middle did not get the same wet look waves. I think its because that's the roughest part of my head. I still love the curl booster and dugla gel products and yes, you will see me buying from your site every week!

Jul 16th 2021

5-Stars from a Product junkie

I'm a self-proclaimed product junkie and I give these products 5 stars. It just proves what we have been saying all along. That AA hair CAN grow and needs constant moisture everyday

Jul 3rd 2021

The BEST product Everrrr!!!!!

I would give this a million stars if I could! It is real and worth the hype! I have never in my life had hair that can slick back with waves and it gives me a whole new look. Every body is asking me what I did to get this "good" hair. I've told so many people about your products and now my mom and coworkers are using it. Please please start selling in stores so I dont have to wait for it to arrive in the mail!

Jun 30th 2021

Saves so much time

I really like that this pair of cream and gel saves so much time after I wash my hair. I didn’t get the pretty wavy hair everyone is talking about but I got some nice curls and my hair stays soft all week. I do have to add more gel each morning in addition to edge control gel but overall I like the products. I also like that its all natural and the products do not weigh down my hair

Jun 18th 2021

Like the gel but it makes hair stay wet

I like the products and the results but my hair stays too wet when I use them. I have medium porosity hair and this gel absorbs in in all my strands. It can never get dry even when I blot it with a towel. This helps to keep the waves soft but its very impractical because I can no longer touch my hair without getting messy fingers. I hope you can work on the products some more to fix this

Jun 11th 2021

Wavy & Moist

If you have curly hair you will love the curl booster. It makes my hair stay moist for days on end. The stuff is amazing!!! The gel gives the prettiest waves and there is no flaking or crunchiness. Hair looks sleek and shiny!!!!!

Jun 8th 2021

On the fence about this

I found the products much harder to apply than what is stated on the directions. The directions are a bit confusing and I wasn't sure if I could leave other treatments in my hair before applying your products. The product does a nice job of grooming but I didn't see any difference in curl pattern. Not sure if I'm doing something wrong here

May 30th 2021

Easy to comb thru

These products made my hair very soft. It is so much easier to comb thru my hair when I use the gel

May 17th 2021

Gives you poppin waves

Im a guy and I like the products because it gives poppin waves

May 16th 2021

Only works on good hair

Do not be fooled!! This only works for people who already have good hair. It did not make my natural hair look curly.

May 15th 2021

Exceeded expectations

Exceeded my expectations. This is the best curling gel I’ve ever used on my type 4 hair, hands down. Honestly I haven't washed my hair since I used the leave in curl booster and dugla gel because my hair looks curly and perfect. No flakiness or crunchiness

May 14th 2021

Wow. Just Wow

Still amazed that a natural product made my hair so wavy. If I didn’t see the videos of this product I wouldn't buy it because I was sure it was fake. But this hair system is not lying. My 4C natural hair became very curly and soft on my 1st application and now I am hooked on these products!

May 10th 2021

Best Invention for Natural Hair

I love this product pack and it is the best invention for natural hair! You can get curls without having to twist and dry! The detangling cream is the best by far! It takes all the frustration out of combing through thick hair.

May 9th 2021

Changed the texture of my hair

I have low porosity hair that is stubborn when it comes to retaining moisture. After applying what appears to be a whole jar of the Leave in curl booster my hair felt very moisturized and soft. Now that I am applying the gel daily my hair has a completely different texture. It is now kinky curly and incredibly soft and more manageable. My biggest issue is upkeep. Low porosity hair requires a lot of product. Every week I will have to buy several jars to keep up my curls and retain its moisture. This will end up costing me too much

May 9th 2021

No Flaking. Keeps hair soft but not for edges

What I like about the Dugla Gel is that there is no flaking and hair never dries out. What I don’t like is that I need a whole jar to get a full head of wavy hair because my hair very thick. Another dislike is that it is not stiff so it wont get my edges laid. Overall its an OK product.

May 5th 2021

Makes curls hang downward

Perfect for wash n go. I didn’t have to comb through any knots because the curl detangler cream got all the hard knots out. The dugla gel made my hair get little curls that falls downward instead of up high like a fro

May 4th 2021

Nothing special about these products

I don't see anything special about this products. The leave in curl detangler has a nice slip but it leaves hair a big white mess and it didn’t dry properly even after sleeping with a shower cap overnight. Did not make my hair wet n wavy as advertised. Am very disappointed with my purchase

May 3rd 2021



Apr 19th 2021

Superb products for AA hair

Package arrived faster than expected. I was worried the buns would not come in time for my event. Your products are superb! Everyone is asking me what I did to my hair

Apr 15th 2021

works but greasy like a jherri curl!

OK I'll be honest and give props because I did see results. My hair got very curly and wavy and yes it makes my hair looked like I've good hair but man this stuff is greasy! The product gets all over everything just like the jherri curl did back in the day! The sofa, bed sheets, pillow case, my chair at work, even the headrest in my car. I cant lean back on anything! Gotta walk around with a towel to prevent the grease getting everywhere. That's the trade off for good hair!

Apr 13th 2021

So worth the $$$

This product was so worth the $$$$. Gel did not make my hair stiff or tacky. It keeps my strands moist and wavy. No flaking. This is so much better than eco gel because it keeps my hair curly and moist for days.

Apr 12th 2021

Makes hair too flat

This set made my hair too flat. I was looking for something to define my curls and I am disappointed because although they did make my hair soft they were not good for definition or twist outs. Maybe you guys should create more products that addresses that

Apr 12th 2021

Makes hair easy to comb through

I bought the double set and i think its a good investment. Lately I've been having second thoughts about my natural hair and so tempted to get a silk press. The gel and cream made my hair really soft and easy to comb through. I have thick 4C hair and the cream makes detangling easy. I would highly recommend this products

Apr 9th 2021

Worked for me!

This stuff works! Not disappointed I bought them and yes it will make your hair get these soft curls! My advice is to use it after you wash your hair and use a big tooth comb for the cream detangler and a small tooth comb for the gel

Apr 2nd 2021

Definition & no flaking!!!

This product is amazing! There is no flaking at all even after 16 straight days of application and no washing. The curl definition from the curl booster cream and gel is unbelievable! My hair is still moist no drying and my comb literally slips through my hair. No ouch or holding the roots to comb from the ends. I have to give this 5 stars

Mar 30th 2021

Amazing products but not for bouncy curls

I think this set is amazing for detangling hair and making hair lay flat and smooth but it did not give me bouncy curls at all! If you want to have sleek hair every day then this will be OK for you but I like my curls to be free. I just wished the products could do more than just slick back.

Mar 23rd 2021

Makes it easy to sleek hair

This set makes it so easy for me to just get up and go! The leave in detangler really does a good job of softening my curls and the dugla waves gel makes it so easy to brush my hair up in a sleek ponytail!

Mar 22nd 2021

Looks Like conditioner

It didn’t give me the nice waves like the lady in the video it just made my hair look like it does when I apply conditioner but it does make it easier to comb out all through the week though

Mar 16th 2021

helps those with tender head

I am very tender head and its very painful to comb thru the roots of my hair. Since I've been using the leave in detangler and gel my hair has got softer and I don’t have to scream when combing thru my hair now.

Mar 11th 2021


This is a complete rip off do not buy this product it does not make 4c hair curly it just causes a big mess!!!!!

Mar 8th 2021

Average results

I like the fact that my hair was very soft after applying the leave in curl cream but the gel did not give me the 3b texture I wanted. Truth is I thought the products were very average and gave my hair way too buildup that was hard to wash out

Feb 26th 2021

Love it but its hard to wash it out

Love these products and so proud of my waves I just wish I didn’t lose the results when I wash it out. I already hated wash day but now I hate it even more bcuz it takes forever to wash the product out and after washing that means I have to start from scratch applying the booster cream and gel again. I may have to go a whole year without washing because this takes up soo much time!

Feb 24th 2021

No waves

I like that the cream made my hair soft and easy to comb a but I was disappointed the gel didn’t give me the wet waves I expected.

Feb 19th 2021

Good products but not made for edges

I'm in in love with the gel and curl creme they make my hair easy to comb out. There is no residue or flaking. Gel is very light and doesn't leave hair crunchy. Its a very good wash n go combo pack but I have to take off a star because they did not hold down my edges. I still have to use ***** gel to get my edges laid

Feb 10th 2021

I use this on my whole family

I cant say enough good things about this product. I makes even thick hair very soft and detangles the worst knots. It doesn't leave hair flaky or crunchy. I tested it first to make sure it was safe and did what it said but when I started walking around with waves for days my 11 yr old daughter begged me to put some in her hair, then my son and niece wanted some too. Now I have to buy the bigger set for the whole family!

Feb 3rd 2021

No Commitment involved

My curls were super moisturized with these products. I like that there is no commitment with this system. I use it to get the wet look curls and if I want to go back to my natural kinky texture it can be washed out.

Jan 29th 2021

Gives curls but messy

I bought this for my kids hair. It gives them pretty curls but its messy. The products never dry so their hair feels sticky

Jan 27th 2021

Satisfied with purchase

I am very satisfied with my purchase. The buns came looking exactly like your pictures. The combo set of hair products are good quality.

Jan 22nd 2021

deserves 10 stars

I would give this 10 stars if I could. The gel makes my hair soft and silky looking. I never had hair that was easy to comb after sleeping on it. Usually I would have to twist or braid down my hair at night but this curl booster and the gel keeps my hair soft so there is never any knots to comb through in the morning.

Jan 18th 2021

It’s a yes!

This is by far the best product I have ever used that can make my hair so shiny with waves poppin! I believe its all natural because I didn’t smell or feel a thing on my scalp. You only need your fingers and a hair brush to apply the cream and gel. The waves appear straight away on its own. No dryer or nothing. So glad I found these creams!

Jan 18th 2021

Don’t know how it works but its working

I don’t know how these 2 products work to make AA hair look biracial but I can say that they do work! The key is to first wash and deep condition your hair. Then part very small sections to apply the white cream curl booster then apply the clear gel, comb through slowly to get waves. At first I was worried that there must be some chemical in these products. But the ingredients don't list any chemicals and you don't need gloves to apply them. (if they had chemicals they would have to tell us to use gloves). I'm now hooked on these products because they make my hair curly and pretty no more fighting with my natural hair!

Jan 16th 2021

great for curly hair

Definitely a must-have for curly hair! This gel doesn’t dry out my hair like a lot of products do. Though the process requires 2 products at the same time they don’t feel heavy on the hair at all. I just wish the jars were bigger

Jan 4th 2021

Love the results

I had to use 2 jars of the gel to get my hair slicked back but I am happy with the results. I'm excited to try more products from this brand. I love the hair buns because they give me more options for styling my hair. Glad your website has so many pictures that give style ideas. Thanks for thinking of us team natural girls!

Dec 6th 2020

Waves and pretty hair!

I'm using this on myself and my 7 year daughter and it makes it easy to comb her hair in the mornings. She loves it so much now she's always looking in the mirror and saying I have pretty hair, I have pretty hair.

Nov 23rd 2020

Makes it easy to sleek hair

This set makes it so easy for me to just get up and go! The leave in detangler really does a good job of softening my curls and the dugla waves gel makes tiny waves appear and its now so easy to brush my hair high in a sleek bun or puff!

Sep 27th 2020

A true wash n go!

Honestly I love this set! They tame my natural hair and it’s the perfect products for genuine wash n go. Not wash, twist, oil, or loc needed. Just wash hair apply the leave in curl booster and wave gel and that's it. The more product I add each day the more pretty curls and waves I get. I'm happy I found this brand