• Cristoli Hair Bun ELIA Big Bun for Black Women Natural Hair Updo Hairstyles Color #1B
  • Cristoli Hair Bun ELIA Big Bun for Black Women Natural Hair Updo Hairstyles Color #1B
  • Cristoli Hair Bun ELIA Big Bun for Black Women Natural Hair Updo Hairstyles Color Chart
  • Cristoli Hair Bun ELIA Big Bun for Black Women Natural Hair Updo Hairstyles Color #1B
  • Cristoli Hair Bun ELIA Big Bun for Black Women Natural Hair Updo Hairstyles Color #1B
  • Cristoli Hair Bun ELIA Big Bun for Black Women Natural Hair Updo Hairstyles Color #1B
  • Cristoli Hair Bun ELIA Big Bun for Black Women Natural Hair Updo Hairstyles Color #1B

Cristoli Hair Bun ELIA Big Bun for Black Women Natural Hair Updo Hairstyles

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The Cristoli ELIA hair bun has a type 4 hair texture that matches black women's natural hair perfectly!

This is one of our best-selling hair buns!

ELIA hair bun is designed with intricate braiding on the sides to add an an artistic flair.

Perfect hair bun for office wear and formal occasions!

In these pictures I'm wearing necklaces, earrings and flowers on the hair bun itself. This really helps to enhance the style!

Remember to slick your hair with our Dugla Waves & Curl Gel. It makes your hair soft and wavy.

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Aug 12th 2021

Could not make this style on my own

I know how to do hair. I can French braid, twist, cut and style my own hair. I even know how to make my own bun hairstyles using a pack of braiding hair. But I cant lie -- I could never in a million years make this style! I don’t care how good you think you are it would be hard for any stylist to sit down and make this bun and have it turn out this neat. The braid pattern around the bun is the prettiest part but it would be very difficult to make this on your own. I have to say the hair used to make this bun is spot on 4c texture. This one is a very nice bun.

Aug 8th 2021

The best looking hair bun on this site

I liked all the hair buns and I got really confused looking at all the pictures trying to decide which one was the best hair bun for me. I don’t know what made me choose Elia but am glad I did. This bun is so pretty! You cant begin to believe how good it looks right out the box. The material used for this bun does not look cheap. The hair material is so realistic it looks like the bun was made with my real hair. I will come back to buy more from this store. Very happy with my 1st order

Jul 30th 2021

Natural 4c hair texture on a bun

Not only is this style very unique and pretty but the hair on this bun looks so natural I honestly believe it was cut right from a black girls head. It does not look like it is synthetic hair at all. It is the same 4c texture as my natural hair. It blends flawless with my real hair

Jul 22nd 2021

Could have overlooked this pretty bun

You know I could have easily overlooked this bun because I was busy looking at so many pictures on this site. This bun did not show as many pictures but I happened to take a closer look at the style and said that's the one! When my box arrived I was excited to try the bun but I had twists in my hair and had to wait until wash day. When I finally tried this bun I was so happy that it matched my hair so good. Its just a very pretty bun. I just kept looking at myself and taking pictures then I said I cant stay home if I look this good! Virus or not I gotta find somewhere to go!

Jul 17th 2021

Glad I found this store

I saw the ads for buns on Instagram and decided to check out this store. I had a hard time choosing which bun I wanted but in the end I bought the Elia and Fatima buns. I am very glad I found this store! Both buns are beautiful and makes it easy for me to switch up my style.

Jun 23rd 2021

Best Impulse Purchase I ever made!

Every now and then you will come across a product that makes you want to buy it without hesitation. For me this is what happened with the Goddess Braid headband. I saw the picture on IG and I came to her store and bought this headband and 2 buns right away. Let me say it was worth every dollar! The braid is neatly made and the texture, oh yes is definitely for us with natural hair. I cannot say how happy I am that I made this impulse purchase. The Elia and Fatima buns are beautiful and very well designed!

Jun 18th 2021

Love this hair bun

I bought a couple bunettes from your store but this is my all time favorite hair bun. The style is beautiful and on my job everyone tells me how much they like this bun.

Jun 15th 2021

Look like an African queen in this bun

When I wear this bun I look like a beautiful African queen. The braids on the sides of the bun make it so pretty. The hair texture is a soft 4C and the bun is soft. Nobody else could wear this bun proudly except a black woman

May 31st 2021

Love the details of this style!

This bun has a gorgeous detail around the sides that is very eye-catching and artistic! The texture of the hair is a perfect match for natural hair. This is a purchase that I am happy I made

May 4th 2021

It's a keeper!

really love the size and color of this hair piece. When I wear it I often get compliments of how nice my hair looks. It's a keeper!!

Apr 30th 2021

Best hair bun hands down

Hands down this is the most natural looking hair bun I have ever seen! To all my all natural hair sistas this bun looks just like our hair. Its made of real afro hair texture that doesn’t look like sewing thread! The style is beautiful! I am so happy I found this site. All the buns are nice but this one is the best style

Apr 17th 2021

Looks like my real hair

Looks just like my hair. I love it.

Apr 11th 2021

My color isn't there

This is the bun I wanted but they don't carry my color no 2. You need more colors in your store

Mar 21st 2021

Texture is perfect for Type 4 hair

The texture of this bun is perfect for Type 4 hair. I bought another bun from her and the texture was more straight. This bun will match natural hair perfectly.

Mar 14th 2021

Love this girl and her products!

Cristoli I don’t know you but I love you! Your a genius at creating these bun styles honey and that dugla gel was the best product for black hair I've come across in a long time. I bought this bun and the style was beautiful just as it looks in your pictures

Mar 3rd 2021

Beautiful detail

I liked the Elia bun because it has a nice detail around the sides. This bun was very well made and I think it will last me for years

Feb 16th 2021

Will buy again

Nothing to say but absolutely satisfied with shipping speed and purchase!!!! Will buy from her again. Thanks for the beautiful box and gift included!

Feb 12th 2021

realistic looking bun

very realistic good price point and fast delivery no issues.

Jan 27th 2021


The bun was perfect and shipping was fast

Dec 19th 2020

Classy Bun for natural hair

I love this bun! It is a classy bun for those of us with natural hair. The design is beautiful and I got lots of compliments!

Dec 11th 2020

Beautiful bun!

Absolutely beautiful on my daughter! Quick shipping. Thank you! Will buy again.

Sep 29th 2020

Beautifully Made buns

This bun is beautiful and is the quality and style that I appreciate from CristoliBeauty!