• Goddess Braid Headband for Black Women Natural Hairstyles
  • Goddess Braid Headband for Black Women Natural Hairstyles
  • Goddess Braid Headband for Black Women Natural Hairstyles
  • Goddess Braid Headband for Black Women Natural Hairstyles
  • Goddess Braid Headband for Black Women Natural Hairstyles
  • Goddess Braid Headband for Black Women Natural Hairstyles
  • Goddess Braid Headband for Black Women Natural Hairstyles
  • Goddess Braid Headband for Black Women Natural Hairstyles
  • Goddess Braid Headband for Black Women Natural Hairstyles

Goddess Braid Headband for Black Women Natural Hairstyles

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Our Goddess Braid CHARLIE, is a statement piece that will make you look and feel like royalty!

Made with afro-texture and ideal for natural or relaxed hair.

This braid headband looks even more beautiful when worn with our hair buns and chignons.

It has an adjustable elastic strap to fit any head size!

Add your necklaces, earrings, flowers and hair acccessories to enhance your style. (Yes I said necklaces and earrings! That's what I'm wearing in many photos on this site. I use hair pins to attach them to my hair and they look great!)

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Aug 14th 2021

Love the hair texture on these products

Cristoli has great styles but what I like the most about her products is the texture of the hair. Even this goddess braid was made with a 4b/4c texture that looked so natural! you can see small waves in the hair of the braid. I can see this girl put a lot of effort in the tiniest details of her products. I hope her brand does well

Aug 11th 2021

Best Impulse Purchase I ever made!

Every now and then you will come across a product that makes you want to buy it without hesitation. For me this is what happened with the Goddess Braid headband. I saw the picture on IG and I came to her store and bought this headband and 2 buns right away. Let me say it was worth every dollar! The braid is neatly made and the texture, oh yes is definitely for us with natural hair. I cannot say how happy I am that I made this impulse purchase. The Elia and Fatima buns are beautiful and very well designed!

Aug 7th 2021

Satisfied with purchase

Imust say I was satisfied with my purchase. The shipping was fast and the goddess braid was thick just as it was in the pictures. It is comfortable to wear and not tight on my head. I will buy again from your store

Jul 31st 2021

Fit for a queen!

Beautiful braid headband that looks like its for a queen!

Jul 28th 2021

Looks nice with my afro

I like to wear my hair all out in an afro and sometimes I would tie a scarf around it to wear as a head band. Now that I got this goddess braid I don’t wear the scarf anymore. I wear this goddess braid with my afro and it looks nice. Everyone looks at me when I wear this

Jul 17th 2021

good product

I had seen goddess braids in pictures online but I didn’t know they are sold as a quick headband so I was happy to find this on your site. It is easy to slip over your head and wear it with a wig or bun you can make many styles

Jul 16th 2021

Looks Natural

The perfect headband piece for several styles. I love it and it looks so natural and well constructed. I received my order quickly and nicely packaged and will buy from this shop again.

Jul 10th 2021

Looks Great!! Love it!!!

Love it!! Very well made!!! Looks great!!

Jun 27th 2021

More than pleased with my purchase

The Goddess braid headband turned out better than I expected. The quality is excellent and the headband very unique. I'm more than pleased with my purchase. Thank you for sharing your creativity.

Jun 18th 2021

Looks like an African queen

If you want to look like a true African queen then you need to wear this goddess braid. Every time I wear it I feel beautiful and powerful like the ruler of some African empire. Lol

Jun 14th 2021

So cute

So cute and super fast shipping! Thank you

Jun 5th 2021

They look so natural!

I bought two of these and they look very natural. Extremely fast shipping!

May 20th 2021

Perfect for the style I wanted

Worked perfectly for the style I wanted to achieve!

May 11th 2021

Such a pretty braid headband

This is such a pretty headband and its strong! I wear it almost everyday now and the braid is still in tact

Apr 29th 2021

Great style and texture is natural

Super Fast Shipping ! The item is what I expected... Great style and texture is natural! This headband has saved me so much time in styling my Hair.

Apr 19th 2021

Beautiful and Excellent Quality

It couldn’t be more beautiful! Excellent quality!!

Apr 16th 2021

Movie star

I look like a movie star when I wear the goddess braid

Apr 11th 2021

Black women are talented!

Our women are so talented! When I look at all the styles that Cristoli made I feel very proud! The hair styles and photos look very pretty and the store looks professional! The goddess braid is gorgeous and I laughed so hard when she told us she puts earrings in her braid for decoration! I was like what the hell?! but when I got mine the first thing I did was to put some old earring on my goddess braid too! Please keep up the level of professionalism and create more beautiful products for us.

Apr 10th 2021

Neat and Nice

The goddess braid is neat and look nice on my head. I get a lot of compliments when I have it on

Mar 28th 2021

Nice products arrived fast

I received all my products fast and they are very nice. The dugla gel required some work and patience but am getting the hang of it now. I also liked the bun and headband. Thank you

Mar 26th 2021

Happy with all the pieces

This goddess braid is very wall constructed. I am happy with all the pieces I received

Mar 23rd 2021

If you wear wigs you need this

I love this goddess braid headband. I wear it with all my wigs now. If you own a wig you need this headband.

Mar 12th 2021

Very Nice headband

Thank you for this braid headband. I love it!

Mar 11th 2021

very comfortable

Im not a headband kinda girl. I just think they always feel too tight on my head but this one didn’t. It was very comfortable to wear and it def made my bun hairstyles look better

Feb 16th 2021

Very Beautiful Piece

I actually bought this on Etsy but I came here for other items and will leave my review for this product here also. This headband is very beautiful piece. It looks just like the pictures and fits well

Feb 6th 2021

Looks Just like the pictures!

Exactly as pictured, and looks amazing

Feb 3rd 2021

Amazing texture and quality!

Finally a braided headband for us natural haired ladies! Such amazing color, texture, and quality. Everything was so well-done!

Jan 25th 2021

Love it!

Arrived earlier than anticipated. Love it!

Jan 24th 2021


Great product!!! Excellent Customer Service Crsitol!!! I love this shop!!

Jan 20th 2021

Just as advertised

This is as beautiful as advertised and it was very easy to wear. Will certainly order again

Jan 17th 2021

Too big

I really liked this headband but the elastic strap was too big for my head. I had to tighten it by sewing the elastic strap. I have a normal size head so I have to say this headband was made just too big

Jan 10th 2021

Stays put

Looks really nice, seems to stay put. Thank you!

Jan 3rd 2021

Need more colors!!!!!!

Why don’t you sell this in more colors? Not everyone has black hair!!! I bought your bun in num 27 and I really wanted to wear the goddess braid with my Stephy bun but you only have the goddess braid in black! Very upset

Nov 14th 2020

Looks like picture

Actually looks like the picture, nice quality as well.

Nov 8th 2020

Love it!

Thank you Cristoli! I love it; I especially thank you for the special instructions.

Nov 2nd 2020

Cant say Enough good things about this piece

I can't say enough good things about this piece! The texture is unbelievably natural looking! The thickness is perfect and it fits just right. I get questions and compliments about this headband every where I go. Honestly I would've happily paid much more for this piece. Thanks Cristoli I love your shop!