• Cristoli BINDI Clip on Hair Bang for Black Women Color #1B/30/33
  • Cristoli BINDI Clip on Hair Bang for Black Women Color Chart
  • Cristoli BINDI Clip on Hair Bang for Black Women Color #1B
  • Cristoli BINDI Clip on Hair Bang for Black Women Color #1B/30/33
  • Cristoli BINDI Clip on Hair Bang for Black Women Color #1B/118
  • Cristoli BINDI Clip on Hair Bang for Black Women Color #1B/118
  • Cristoli BINDI Clip on Hair Bang for Black Women Color #1B
  • Cristoli BINDI Clip on Hair Bang for Black Women Color #1B
  • Cristoli BINDI Clip on Hair Bang for Black Women Color #1B
  • Cristoli BINDI Clip on Hair Bang for Black Women Color #1B

Cristoli BINDI Clip on Hair Bang for Black Women

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BINDI is a versatile clip-on-bang that can be worn in many different styles: side swoop, center fringe or middle part.

The hair texture is designed for us black women! It is a soft Yaki straight texture that looks and feels very natural (not like other bangs with shiny, cheap, doll’s hair).

The clips are very comfortable and stay secure all day.

This bang can be worn with natural hair! My hair is natural in all the photos, but I slicked it with our Dugla Waves & Curl Gel to make it smooth and flat.

Even if your hair color is black, don’t be afraid to try different colors! In these photos you can see my hair is black, but I'm wearing red or blonde buns and bangs.

I recommend applying the bang first, then pin on your hair bun or Goddess Braid after.

It is heat safe up to 310°F (154°C)


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Aug 13th 2021

The hair is really good!

The hair on this bang is really really high quality! So much so that I thought it was real human hair. The texture and how it combs out couldn't feel more natural. It blends perfectly with my real hair

Aug 12th 2021

Ver pretty color

I bought this bang in 1B/30/33 and it is the prettiest color I have ever seen! The colors are bright but mixed in such a way that it blends well with my hair. I will definitely buy from Cristoli again!

Aug 10th 2021

Couldn’t belive it is a clip on bang

I saw my niece wearing this bang in a picture and I asked her who did her hairstyle. I was surprised when she said t was a clip on bang! Couldn’t believe it because it looked so natural. I bought this bang for myself in color 1b/30/33 it is a beautiful color with the right amount of highlights. The price was very good and the shipping was fast. I would buy this bang again

Aug 9th 2021

Love the bangs and pictures!

Im in love with this site and I keep coming back just to look at all the hairstyle pictures. I wear this Bindi bang with the Tinsley and Fatima hair buns. I never wore a clip on bang in my life but after seeing the pictures I decided to give it a try. I cant tell you how happy I am with the buns and bangs. They match my hair texture and looks so natural! Keep up the good work hon!

Aug 9th 2021

Worth the $$$$

I bought 2 of this bang. One in color black and the other in red. This is a VERY well made product that I can style in so many ways, side swoop, front ways and center part. The hair texture feels like a real black woman's hair that’s been relaxed. This bang is worth every penny!

Jul 30th 2021

Love the red color!

This is my 2nd order with Cristoli, first I bought the Stephy hair bun in 1B then I came back and bought the Tinsley bun in red color no 118 and the no 118 Bindi hair bang. The best style Ive ever created is combining the red no 118 Tinsley and red Bindi bang together! My hair color is black and I was worried the red color wouldnt match but the Tinsley bun is large size so not much of my real hair shows when I wear the bun and bang together. This Bindi bang is amazing!

Jul 29th 2021

Fits my Face. Very Good Quality Hair

This bang fits my face. I like to wear it brushed to the side. The hair of this bang is very good quality hair. It is not shine so I did not need to dust it with baby powder. Also did not have to use my real hair to cover where it attaches. It blends well

Jul 20th 2021

best bang by far

This is the best bang I seen by far! the hair is soft and looks natural. style stays in place and I get compliments for it all the time. The red color is the best one

Jul 17th 2021

Can be worn right out the box!

I was happy that this bang was not too thick and didn’t need thinning. I was able to wear this right out of the box. Thanks for the free gift too!

Jul 3rd 2021



Jun 20th 2021

Love the texture and highlights of this bang!

This bang has such a nice, natural texture. Perfect color highlights. Beautiful bang all around

Jun 18th 2021

Love this brand

First off I love to see black women on there hustle and I'm keeping my eye on this brand! The products are good and I love that there are so many pictures on this site! This Bindi bang is very versatile and it looks very natural. I usually wear her to the side but recently I've tried to brush her in front and that looks good too. I like to wear this bang with my Tinsley bun that I also bought from this site

Jun 14th 2021

Looks same as pictures

Shipping was fast and my bangs look exactly as they do in the pictures. No issues with this product so far

Jun 10th 2021

The No 27 color is amazing

My hair color is black and I usually go for 1B but the pictures on Cristoli convinced me to try a new color. I bought the Stephy bun in number 27 color and the Bindi hair bang in 1b/30/33. The colors looked amazing! The bang hides my black hair color and the Stephy bun is big so you don't see much of my black hair except at the back. I'm glad I chose this color

Jun 6th 2021

Looks Natural

This bang looks so natural nobody believed it was clip extensions. The highlight colors are good and the hair is soft and no shedding.

May 18th 2021


Good bang. Nice quality hair

May 17th 2021

Good for adding thickness

I receive my bang today. It was just what I was looking for. I wanted to add some thickness to my short haircut. This bang does the trick!

May 9th 2021

Good service

I like her shop. All the products are very nice and the service was prompt

May 5th 2021

Good product stays in place

I am happy with this bang. It’s a good product and the clips stay in place all day

Apr 15th 2021

Best bang for AA Hair

Without question this is the best fake bang I have seen for AA type hair. It is so natural and the cut is perfect. I can wear this bang with my wigs or with my ponytail. The quality of this bang is amazing and I have not seen anything else like it

Apr 12th 2021

Love it

Love it. Item as described. Fast shipping.

Apr 2nd 2021

The Best looking bang by far!

I cant say enough good things about this bang. I bought this bang to go with the Tinsley hair bun and I love them both. The hair is very nice-- not heavy and not too thin. It frames my face and looks very natural. This is the best looking bang by far!

Mar 23rd 2021

Hair on this bang is so real it can fool anyone!

The hair on this bang is high quality hair! It doesn’t look cheap at all. Nobody can tell this isnt my hair. I can brush this bang in any direction and it still looks good!

Mar 11th 2021

Wear it everyday

I love it. been wearing it every day since it arrived.

Mar 8th 2021

Please offer cheaper shipping to UK!!!

Can't you guys offer cheaper shipping to the UK?! I really enjoy your products but it costs a fortune to ship to the UK by Federal Express then if I buy a lot I have to pay VAT. With that said the colours and styles of your buns and bangs are amazing! My personal favourite is the reddish #118 it just makes my face and makeup pop!

Feb 26th 2021

Multi Purpose styles

What I like the most about this bang is that I can change up the style. I can wear it to school and to the club

Feb 16th 2021

Great Piece

Great piece, and fun color. Easy to side sweep either way.

Feb 12th 2021

Love the bang but need more color choices

I have only good things to say about this bang. From the style to the hair texture its all great. I just wish they would carry this bang in more colors.

Feb 12th 2021

Didn’t cause bumps on my face

I like this bang so much. I can do a lot of styles with this bang and the hair did not give me bumps on my face. Some synthetic hair dyes usually cause me to break out but this one didn’t.

Jan 22nd 2021

The color matches well with my real hair

Gotta say this is a well made faux bang. It matches seamlessly with my real hair and the cut and color is very professionally done

Jan 18th 2021

5 Stars Well Deserved!

Gotta give props where its due! This bang deserves all 5 stars! It is really good quality hair and the highlights are perfect! This looks like a very professionally made bang. It didn’t shift or feel tight. Very easy to clip it on

Jan 18th 2021

hair is longer than I expected

this hair bang was longer than i expected and at first i was upset that i would have to cut it to make it not hang in my eyes but you can clip it up higher so it hangs on your forehead and not in your eyes

Jan 16th 2021

Cute Side Sweep Bang

I'm definitely a "side sweep bang" type of girl and this one does the trick. I also love how natural the hair texture feels

Jan 5th 2021

Best Color Ever!

I am very happy with the color I got. Its 1b 30 33 and the color streaks are gorgeous! This is the best color I think

Dec 28th 2020

Will buy again

Package arrived fast will buy again

Dec 17th 2020

So much styles with this bang

Not only is the hair quality beyond good but you can do so much styles with this bang. I was not disappointed and I will buy more from this company again

Dec 6th 2020

Better than I expected

I was not happy that my shipping took 6 days to arrive. For some strange reason my package was stuck at a post office in a different city from where I live! Anyway this bang is better than I expected. I bought it in 1B black and it matches my real hair

Nov 16th 2020

Great bang but clip fell off

This is a good quality bang and its easy to wear in different styles. The hair is nice but after wearing it for only 2 weeks one of the clips fell off and I had to sew it back on

Nov 15th 2020

Elegant bang

Very elegant bang. Will order more from this store

Oct 9th 2020

Easy to Wear

I love this bang. Its easy to wear and there are different ways to style it.

Sep 28th 2020

Very Nice..but I want platinum blonde

This clip on bang is very nice. It looks natural and easy to clip in. I give it 4 stars because they should sell it in more colors! I want number 613 platinum blonde but they don’t have it!!!

Sep 27th 2020

So easy to wear!

Perfect! Tried it on and this is the easiest bang to wear.